Eddyville Inn

Additional Details

1. To keep our prices low we do not have an attendant at the front desk 24hrs/day. If you need assistance of any kind or would like to renew your reservation simply call or text 641.505.1095 and we will assist you. We can usually arrive at the office within a few minutes.

2. If you have checked-In for a long-term stay with an unknown departure date, your reservation will auto-renew each week until you inform the office of your upcoming departure. This prevents long-term guest from having to renew their reservations each week.

3. Many of our guests stay for long periods of time with an unknown departure date. Because of this pattern we only take Reservations for new guests two weeks in advance of check-in. This allows us to guarantee your reservation.

4. Weekly Room Service is provided on Thursday or Friday for long-term guests.

5. Please feel free to utilize the guest laundry facilities. The code to the door labeled 'Laundry' is 1095.

6. For your safety, room doors are setup to automatically lock one minute after being unlocked.

7. The Access Code you Selected when making your reservation will Open Your Room Door.

8. The internet password is 6415051095. Same as our phone number.

9. You can receive mail or packages by having it sent to the Eddyville Inn. The address is 601 Main St. Rm# Eddyville, IA 52553. You can retrieve your Packages from the folding table in the laundry room.

10. If you need to receive a fax please have it sent to your attention to 641.505.1095.

11. Sorry, No pets are allowed at the Eddyville Inn.

12. Please feel free to utilize our outdoor area with picnic tables, fire pit, charcoal grill & horseshoes.

13. Please feel free to report maintenance items by texting the front desk. Many of our guests stay for long periods of time so guest maintenance requests are a key piece to keeping our facility nice.

14. If you are leaving ahead of schedule please be sure to notify us by calling or texting 641.505.1095

15. Please be advised the Eddyville Inn & RV Park exterior are under video surveillance 24 x 7.